It is true that when we say pastel colors, grays, purples, we finally leave all hair colors behind and find ourselves in white and platinum colors. White and platinum hair colors are unexpectedly hit trends.

In a word, the best face shape is Oval. Although women with oval face shapes can easily choose the hairstyle and color they want, but white is a very difficult color, it is a hair color that women with facial features close to the oval face shape should prefer.

Another recommendation for women who will use gray hair is to wash your hair with warm water and take regular care.

Plucking a white hair will cause a white hair to grow in its place. Because when you cut your hair, you actually break your hair from the root. In most cases, the root still remains in place and continues to grow hair. Of course, white hair grows. However, plucking the hair does not cause the surrounding hair to turn white, because each hair grows from its own root.

For a completely white hair, it would be healthiest to use bleach a few times and do it at intervals. Otherwise, your hair may be seriously damaged.

2020 WhiteHairstyles

Ashy white hairstyle for long hair. It is a very assertive and nice hair color.

Women who have white – gray hairstyles will have to wear more makeup. Despite its drawbacks, it is worth trying this hair color as it looks great on the hair.


I think women who prefer white hair color must be either very young or over 40. So I do not recommend it to women between 25 and 40 years old. Because white hair is generally known as the hair color of elderly people. It is very difficult to be beautiful or look young using white hair in middle age.

Is it Harmful to Pluck Hair?

Plucking a white strand of hair does not cause the growth or growth of white hair in the same or another area. However, you should avoid pulling your hair.

It does not mean that you are asked to turn gray hair and give up your pleasures. Delphine Courteille, a hairdressing salon in Paris, proposes the “tie & die” model for white hair. The gray hair roots and white tips look great, especially on stubby hair and ponytails. White balayage is applied for customers who adopt a more classic style.


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