White Haired Young Woman


While not as sexy as red and not as sweet as pastel colors, white is associated with the cool nature of snow and ice. White leaves all its expressive power to accessories.

White Hair

White hair is often the result of aging. Unlike children with fairly blond hair, white hair is mostly not associated with teenagers. Kelly Osbourne and other silver-gray-haired young stars carried their youthful appearance and white hair symbolizing old age together.

White hair is about to be a cool alternative to the still trendy red or dark purple hair colors.

Compatible Hairstyles for White Hair Distinctively striped hairstyles such as short cuts, asymmetrical cuts, straight bangs and shiny ponytails emphasize the simplicity of white hair.

Messy haircuts of different lengths, layered or fringed haircuts like feathered razor bobs or shags add quirkiness and life to the cool natural look of white hair.

Hairstyles styled with braids and curls have a more pronounced effect on dark hair than light hair.

Trendy Blonde Ash Hair with Lowlights


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