Very Long Hairstyles


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If your hair is long, you can easily apply any type of model imaginable, such as wavy, straight, wet, curly. By choosing a color that is compatible with your skin, you can apply a model that will go to your face and fully integrate. Long hair never goes out of style.

Cutting Tips for Long Hair and Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair provides an advantage on the one hand and a disadvantage on the other. The coolest hairstyles for long hair are long layered haircuts. We want to share with you sample hairstyles that can answer the question of how to use long haircuts and long hair, which are cool and voluminous as well as easy to use. Let’s examine the special and nice hairstyles together

Wavy Long Haircuts
When using the layered cut as a wavy long hair cutting model, folds can be given from the front parts of the hair to begin with the first layer at the chin level. On the back of the hair, “U” shaped cut models can be preferred. This haircut model is used very comfortably with bulk or recommended hairstyles. Hair that is spontaneously wavy may need to be supported with light hair styling to make the layers visible.



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