Open Hair Styles


When we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, the mountain and the intertwined hair can bother us. Although having long hair is the desire of every woman, it is also very difficult to maintain and shape. Although our first saviors are hairdressers, we have to take care of our own hair because there is no possibility to go at any time.

Especially if you have long hair and love to use fair hair, a few little tips will keep you comfortable during the day. To find a solution for the hair that is constantly on your face, comb your hair from the side.

How can I look good with open hair?
Is there an app to show me with different hairstyles?
What are the types of hair styles?
What is the easiest hairstyle to do?

Comb your hair with mousse from one side behind your ear and fasten it with the help of a small clip. You can use some spray to prevent it from spreading and frizz.
In addition, side-parted open hair models are indispensable for special events. While taking on a nostalgic atmosphere, you can dazzle with your clothes and jewelry.


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