Easy and Romantic Date Night Hairstyles for Women


Hair trends of 2020 are inspired by the past. We will see the vintage bob cut on the streets quite often this year.

This hairstyle that ends just below the ear line takes us back to the 1960s. How would you like to try this hairstyle that combines the classicity of vintage style and 2020 innovation? Today is the day for the ‘that’ hairstyle that you haven’t dared to do for a long time! Pixie hairstyle can be seen everywhere, from the red carpet to the street style. You should also get a pixie haircut without fear of how to style it. Those who want a different and cool haircut should prefer the pixie model. Editor’s suggestion: How about going for an innovation in hair color when you have a ready-made innovation in your hair? Auburn hair color goes well with pixie cut hair! For a natural and bright auburn tone, Garnier Color Naturals 7N Natural Auburn is one of our favorite auburn shades.


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