American Hairstyles


American boy haircuts; American shaved boy model is among the most used hairstyles for boys. American hair, which has been used for the last 20 years in children’s hairstyles, is still among the popular hairstyles. American hair, is the most suitable and stylish hairstyle for short hair

structure, is called short and long American

American women’s hairstyles

American haircut lady; American shaving models women’s designs have been used frequently among women recently. The American army shave haircut is used more, especially by young women. However, the long American haircut is a hairstyle that can be used by women of all ages.

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American hairstyle

In the cut of the model, which is preferred by men who love short hair, you need to cut the side cuts with a system called ladder from number 1 or number 2 to number 3. However, unlike other hair models, the details that need to be considered here are that the lines are very prominent. If there is a smooth transition in transitions, this is called an American hairstyle.

Therefore, the traces in the transitions must be evident. On the upper parts, it is extremely important to leave the length of your hair as you comb it. Note that the detail you need to pay attention to in this hairstyle is the sides.


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