50’s Hairstyles for Long Hair


In the Middle Ages, the hair trend was shaped by the curved edges and being always well-groomed.

  • What was the most popular hairstyle in the 1950’s?
  • Which hairstyle is best for long hair?
  • How do you make a 50s hairstyle?
  • How do you get 50’s style curls?

Braids were perceived as leaving a signature on the hair.

Three-thread knitting, four-way knitting, twisting, cross and weaving style have been the models that marked the Middle Ages.

Plump and long hair is considered healthier; In the art of painting, the hair of the Venuses and the Madonnas are drawn full and long.

Mademoiselle Fontage, who fell from a horse at a hunting party in France in the period of Louis XIII (1601-1643), gathered her scattered hair with a sock elastic, and after that, a hair fashion called “fontage style” was born among women.

Maria (1609-1669), daughter of the French King Henry IV and Marie de Medici, was a pioneer in softening hairstyles; the hair let the curls fall from the temples and forehead.

Braid long and short hair wrapped in the right curls.


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